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Let's begin!
Now I will try to show you an example of how you can make a profit by playing on the difference in rates between the two popular cryptocurrencies Ehereum and Bitcoin, while using several online exchangers. To find such a bunch of exchangers, which will be profitable now, you need to try hard, because they are getting less and less. But you do not need to search for anything, because the bundle given on the site has been working steadily and has been making profit for users of the site for more than one month!
Below is a detailed instruction of earnings on the difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin rates, from $300 per day.

You will need:

1. Ethereum Wallet

2. Bitcoin wallet

3. Start-up capital of at least $ 60.

4. Knowledge of the Internet at the user level and the desire to earn

Earnings on the difference courses Ethereum and Bitcoin
from $300 per day!

And so, let's start

Detailed instructions:
Step 1. The first thing we need is a Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet. I personally use 
It supports both Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Registering wallet here
Step 2. Now we need to buy Bitcoin. You need to have at least $60 in Bitcoin (~ 0.011 BTC ) at your wallet. For $ 60 exchangers give about 0.011 Bitcoin.
We need at least 0.01 Bitcoin. Why? Read below
Step 3 Now we change our Bitcoins in this exchanger which is listed below on Ethereum.
- (Automatic exchanger with SSL-Protocol security transactions. Powered by
Crypto Next Bank Bank LTD, specializing in electronic currency. Buy Bitcoin for several years. Usually the exchange rate is 15-20% more profitable than the exchange rate.)

For example, for the first exchange we will use 
0.011 bitcoin. For them we will get 0,465 ETH

On the website of the exchanger on the left, select the exchange Bitcoin to Ethereum. In the Submit field enter the amount received from the previous exchange, for example, 0.01 Bitcoin (this is the minimum amount of exchange). The Receive field will be filled automatically; in the Ethereum address field, enter the number of your Ethereum wallet. In the field Your phone number is the number of your mobile phone, with a country code in the format (you can specify any set of numbers. This is just a formality) and click Exchange.

The exchanger will create an exchange page and generate a unique Bitcoin address and will wait for payment on your application.

Transfer the specified amount from your Bitcoin wallet: "
Send" tab, in the "To" field: insert The bitcoin address of the exchanger, in the "Enter amount" field, enter the amount of bitcoins specified in the application.

Attention! If you have on a purse for example: 0.05 bitcoin, then you have to transfer 0.04999 btc, since the standard Commission of the system is approximately: 0.000001 btc, i.e. from the amount that you already have on the wallet we take 0.000001 btc. And enter it on the website of exchanger in the box to Give.
All! Ethereum will transfer You after 1 confirmation within 1-5 minutes, the exchanger will automatically complete the exchange..

          More detailed instructions for the exchange here!

Step 4. Now we change the received 0.465 Ethereum back to Bitcoin. To do this, go to one of the following exchangers:

Here for our 0.465 Ethereum we get 0.0152 Bitcoin.
And so, with only
1 exchange, we received a profit of 0.0042 Bitcoin.
It is approximately

Not bad?)
That's actually all! With one such circle, you earn an average of 30% of the amount being changed. In the case of a starting amount of $60 (plus commission), the net profit from one exchange cycle is $23. And if the starting capital is more ......

You can make an unlimited number of exchanges! To do this, you just need to repeat steps 2, 3 and 4. Well and, accordingly, the more exchange amounts, the greater the profit!

You can exchange Bitcoin back to USD in the same exchangers, for example, by sending a transfer to your card.

Only 4 steps that are performed with experience on the machine! This is one of the easiest ways to earn money on courses that even a person with absolutely no Internet experience will cope with.

I hope I described the whole process simply and clearly. As you can see, making money on the Internet can be quite simple - the main thing is to find worthwhile information about it. Share with friends.

Here are some screenshots of my wallet:
All of you heard about cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Ethereum.
I want to show you a new way to achieve this profit!